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Superior Ecommerce functionality
Multiple front ends. Marketing tools. Extensive reports. Customer groups. Subscriptions and Quotations. Multiple warehouses. SEO. API
Visually managed responsive design
Responsive design "out of the box. Configurable Widgets available for all pages, and documents. Advanced CSS editor. Support for multiple themes.
Advanced content management system
Editable  menus.  WYSIWYG  content  pages with page, category, product links. Editable email templates. Integrated Blog. Full access to all text strings from the back end.
Product catalogue solutions
Extensive product management. Properties and dynamic filters. Suppliers and price management. Configurable products and bundles. Manual and automatic import / export features.

Safe and secure

No card data in the database
Powerful Commerce doesn't store any card data in its database.
PCI DSS Validated
We  have  teamed  up  with  a  leading provider of security testing services  SecurityMetrics  to  ensure  Powerful Commerce is PCI DSS Validated straight out of the box.
Continuos checks and improvements
Powerful Commerce doesn't store any card data in its database.
Access levels
The backend of Powerful Commerce is protected by login and password. Users have access to parts of the back end according to their permissions.

Mobile and SEO friendly

Powerful Commerce comes mobile-ready
Desktop  and  Mobile  versions  of the same theme allow for having separate design for each device or screen type.
Multiple responsive design width settings per theme used to configure the look and feel and behaviour of individual widgets.
Configurable three line icon menu behaviour allows for automatic change in the look and feel of the menu at certain browser window sizes.
Ability to uploaded different banners for desktop and mobile views of the themes.
On-site SEO features built into the core of Powerful Commerce
Advanced site-level SEO configuration including META, XML site map, Google tag manager, Analytics, and site verification. Also SEO redirects.
Powerful Commerce is optimised to pass Google page speed test at 98+ score, and WooRank with 70+score and most checks in "green".
Product, Category, Brand, and CMS page SEO properties are set automatically but can be changed manually at any time.
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Superbly fast and robust

Relying on the latest technology
Powerful Commerce  is  built  using  the  latest versions of PHP and MariaDB, delivering the best speed and performance
Optimised database and scripts
The  structure of the Powerful Commerce database and Architecture of the PHP application layer have been optimised to provide maximum speed.
Continuos checks and improvements
Powerful Commerce could be hosted on a single server, but could also support distributed  hosting,  where  the  database,  application,  and  image catalogue  are located on different yet connected hosting accounts for optimum speed.
HTML front end
The  HTML  generated  by  Powerful Commerce  has  too  been optimised to pass through  Google  speed  tests  with  the  maximum efficiency, normally scoring 98+ points straight out of the box.
1,000,000 products? Not a problem!
Some  instances of Powerful Commerce successfully support businesses with around 1,000,000 products in their database, without any compromise on speed.

Actively developed enterprise level Ecommerce

Upgradeable yet fully customizable
Being an enterprise level product, Powerful Commerce can be easily upgraded to  the latest version,  bringing new features and fixes (if any). At  the  same  time  it  can be customised to any extent, making it an ideal platform for bigger online businesses.
Work with the best in the field
The   team  behind  Powerful Commerce  is  more  than  20  strong, consisting  of  developers,  designers, QA engineers. Some of us have been in the Ecommerce development industry for  more  than  15  years, creating  successful  online  stores  for businesses across the world.
Share the future of the software
We offer to share the exciting journey towards the bright future of Powerful Commerce. We  always listen to our customers, and development partners. We implement the best ideas into Powerful Commerce and are always open  to  a  discussion  or  contribution.  We  recognize and appreciate our  users,  customers, and partners, and everyone's joint effort
Grow your skills and help others
Whether  you  are a developer or a user of Powerful Commerce, you are very welcome  to  share  your ideas and answer questions from others in our forums and on our Facebook page. Learn more by helping others find the right solution for their situations using Powerful Commerce.
Actively developed
Powerful Commerce is an Ecomerce platform that is being actively developed by  the  team  which  created it. With Powerful Commerce development updates happen several times per week, and releases of new versions -  every 1-2 months. We know our users deserve and expect the best, and it means constant development and improvement.

Powerful Commerce features

Order management
  • Order list with filters
  • Order Status Types
  • Orders by site Front End
  • Batch invoices, packing slips, export, and delete for orders
  • Order processing
Order history
  • Shipping and billing address with maps
  • Shipping and payment methods
  • Clickable and editable tracking number
  • Purchase request details
  • Detailed order item view
  • Change status, add comments
  • Printable invoice and packing slip
  • Print Shipping Labels
  • And many more features
Customers/Customer groups
  • Filtered customer list
  • Order list
  • Send email to the customer
  • Send a discount coupon to the customer
  • Merge customer accounts
  • Manage trade form
  • Total ordered and date of last order
  • Manage credit balance
  • Default discount in %
  • And many more features
Brands and categories
  • Categories linked to front ends
  • Drag and Drop used to manage category parent /child and sort order
  • Quick search through category tree and brand list
  • Add / edit brand name, image
  • Add / edit brand SEO page properties (URL, title, META tags, old URL)
  • Add / edit category name, description, image
  • Add / edit category SEO page properties (URL, title, META tags, old URL)
  • Support for multiple languages for brands and categories
  • And many more features
  • Advanced search
  • Copy / move / link product
  • Link product to front ends
  • Preview “live” product information page
  • Purchase and price change statistics
  • Price groups (linked to customer groups)
  • Sale price with expiration date
  • Bonus (loyalty) points - earn and cost
  • Bulk quantity discount prices
  • Stock (simple and based on inventory)
  • Minimum order quantity
  • And many more features
Product attributes and properties
  • Manage attribute names and values
  • Manage property name and values
  • Organize properties into categories
  • Multiple property types (text, number, number interval, yes/no, file)
  • Single choice / multiple choice properties
  • Attributes and properties in multiple languages
  • Property used at product info pages, product listing, filters, search, and compare
  • And many more features
On-site SEO
  • Default title, and META tags set for index and product pages
  • Generate XML site map
  • Export to Google shopping (choose which columns to export)
  • Google analytics script on / off
  • Ecommerce tracking script on / off
  • Google Adwords tracking script (and remarketing) on / off
  • Google Certified Shops script on / off
CMS pages
  • CMS page listing (add, edit, delete pages, and link them to various front ends)
  • Same page can look and feel different being linked to different front ends, and being translated into different languages
  • Page title
  • Special title when included into a menu
  • WYSIWYG editor for contents
  • Special site-level links to other pages, products, and categories SEO properties (URL, META tags, old URL)
Recover abandoned shopping carts
  • Abandoned cart report with total of potential sales
  • Send email to customers
  • Send coupon to customers
  • Convert abandoned cart into order
  • Create a new order for the selected customer
  • Search by front end, customer, or product
Discount coupons
  • Coupon discount in currency and %
  • Coupon minimum order amount
  • Coupon for free shipping
  • Coupon for recovery of abandoned carts
  • Coupon code - manually set or randomly generated
  • Uses per coupon
  • Uses per customer
  • Coupon valid products
  • Coupon valid categories
  • Coupon start and end date
Banner management
  • Banner list, by front end and by banner group
  • Edit banner group, set type: single banner, carousel, or slider
  • Carousel and slider properties: speed and sliding effect
  • Banner properties: banner group, sort order in the group, from and to dates
  • Banner content: URL, image or HTML snippet
Payment modules
  • Link modules to front ends
  • Configure the same module differently for different front ends
Shipping modules
  • Link modules to front ends
  • Configure the same module differently for different front ends
  • Zone Table rate to add multiple zones, and shipping options, and specify price table for each combination
Order structure management
  • Link modules to front ends
  • Configure the same module differently for different front ends
  • Manage various order total modules
  • Drag and drop to change sort order
  • Inc TAX / ex TAX options for modules for different pages (shopping cart, checkout, email notification, invoice, back end)
  • Create and manage various menus
  • Link menus to front ends
  • Edit menu tree (menu / sub-menu)
  • Use drag and drop to move and arrange items
  • Use system links to build menus (categories, system pages, CMS pages
  • Support multiple languages
Themes / templates
  • Create or edit any number of themes
  • Backup and restore themes
  • Copy themes into new ones
  • Customize Home page, Product page, Product with attributes page, Product bundles page, Product listing page, information (CMS) page, Shopping cart, Checkout success, Contact us page
  • Customize Email template, Invoice, Packing slip, Gift Card
  • Visually edit pages, adding and configuring widgets, using drag and drop functionality to customize pages
  • Change theme settings (background, responsive design settings, manage used fonts, upload or delete fav icon)
  • Edit or override CSS and JS
  • Full control over all system texts (including most buttons), front end and back end
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Search strings by area, key name, key value
  • Edit translations, update multiple identical translations at once