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Why Powerful Commerce is better for my business?

Good question! There are several reasons why Powerful Commerce is better than your existing Ecommerce solution:

  • Multiple sale channels, Amazon and eBay - Powerful Commerce supports multiple web sale channels (websites), virtual channels (affiliate sites and field agent sales), and marketplace channels (mostly Amazon and eBay). All orders are made available in one back end, making it easy to manage them.
  • Mobile and SEO optimised, out of the box - it is what it is. Straight out of the box Powerful Commerce website loads well on mobile devices and is pre-optimised for on-site SEO. Even if you don't enter anything in the SEO fields - the system will automatically use available data to create the best SEO-friendly content.
  • Advanced business management features - Powerful Commerce is not just yet another Ecommerce solution; it has features of an ERP, such as advanced stock management, warehouse management, support for supplier integration, CRM, RMA and order editing, marketing, B2B, etc.
Will upgrade to Powerful Commerce affect SEO?

The honest answer is - it might, as with any other upgrade. HOWEVER Powerful Commerce is extremely well optimised for on-site SEO and is capable of supporting current website URL structure and improve on page load speed, content presentation, various on-site SEO aspects to actually improve your SEO.

Do you have my payment and shipping modules?

There's a very good chance that we already have it. Payment solutions - PayPal, MultiSafePay, RealEx, SagePay, WorldPay, Authorise.net, BrainTree, Klarna, and many many more. Shipping solutions - offline zone table, RoyalMail, UPS, USPS, FedEx and also many many more. Even if we don't have your payment or shipping module - we can and will create one for you - at the end of the day we are the makers of Powerful Commerce!.

Can Powerful Commerce integrate with Amazon and eBay?

Yes, sure. Powerful Commerce is pre-integrated with Amazon and eBay in multiple countries. Powerful Commerce can list its products on Amazon and eBay, download orders, and upload status and tracking numbers back to Amazon and eBay marketplaces. Note that existing integration is done via HolbiLink, but, naturally, any similar software can connect to Powerful Commerce via its API.

What technology Powerful Commerce uses? What version of PHP?

Powerful Commerce is an enterprise level Ecommerce platform based on YII2 framework, PHP and mySQL. You would need PHP 7.1+ to run Powerful Commerce, although we always recommend the latest version for superior speed and improved security.

Can hosting be provided? At what cost?

Certainly! We have an in-house Ecommerce Hosting department where we host Powerful Commerce-based web shops of our clients, ranging from small businesses operating from their spare bedroom to multi-billion international corporations. Price is different and depends on your requirements, how busy the website is, the number of products and other aspects. It is always possible to get the latest price list here https://holbihost.co.uk/pricing/ or enquire about hosting

Will Powerful Commerce integrate with my Accounting and ERP system?

Powerful Commerce website can be easily integrated with accounting or ERP software. First of all, it has a special Import / Export facility with automated option. Then, there's a special open API that opens access to various parts of the Powerful Commerce system. Finally, we have a special piece of software called DataLink that connects with a number of most popular accounting and ERP solutions for SMEs, such as QuickBooks, Sage (Sage 50 and Sage 200), MYOB, Mamut, Xero, Exact, etc.

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