Powerful Commerce Feature Tour

Powerful Commerce comes loaded with features useful for your business. They are designed to make it quicker and easier to manage your business now, and allow for its growth in the future.
Superb speed and Security
Powerful Commerceuses the latest of enterprise level technology to deliver amazing performance. It can handle millions of products in its catalogue, and multiple concurrent users and customers going through the web site, searching for products, placing orders (providing the server capabilities). What is also great is that the faster the website is - the better it is for SEO, and Powerful Commerce scores 100 out of 100 in Google Page Speed test, out of the box.
Coded to run on PHP7 out of the box
Also uses MariaDB, the latest mySQL fork for data storage, offering superior speed.
PCI Compliant
Powerful Commerce is also PCI compliant and will pass a web security scan. All inputs are sanitized and logins are done over HTTPS.
Themes and Theme Designer
Create new and change existing themes with a couple of clicks. Advanced Theme Designer in the back end of Powerful Commerceallows for full control over the look and feel of the whole website. Powerful Commerce comes with a great deal of widgets that can be used on various pages, each can be configured to your liking. The Designer produces mobile and tablet friendly pages, is very easy to use and doesn't require any prior HTML or programming knowledge. Want to make a seasonal change? Not a problem at all - use Theme Designer to prepare a new theme, and swap themes when the time is right.
Search Engine Optimisation
On-site SEO modules are an integral part of the new Loaded X. Full control over the title, META tags, and content of pages. Automatically generated SEO page properties for products, categories, brands, content pages. Edit pages via the Theme Designer. Create new content pages, and add links to the database-driven catalogue using the built-in Content Management System. Modify and configure all the details, as little as product image file name and ALT tag. Speed has been taken care of, so your website will be ranked higher by Google.
Multiple frontends

With Powerful Commerceyou can expand your business by creating additional websites without capital investments. Sell new product ranges, find niche markets, use different brands - cease the opportunity! Each frontend can look and feel fully independent from the others, have its own product catalogue, its domain name (or unique URL), design, and content. Run several businesses for the price of one!


Only for PRO.

Pre-integration with Amazon and eBay
There exist add-ons that integrate Powerful Commerce with Amazon and eBay. Which means it is very easy and quick to connect it to your Amazon or eBay account(s), and have products uploaded from Powerful Commerceto the marketplace, and orders downloaded back to the website. This results in better data quality, less mistakes, faster and cheaper operations, happier staff and happier customers.
Pre-integration with some ERPs (Sage, QuickBooks, Exact, Xero, etc)
There also exist add-ons that integrate Powerful Commercewith some popular accounting and ERP software. Products uploaded from the business management software into Powerful Commerce, and orders downloaded back to the ERP. This results also in better data quality, less mistakes, faster and cheaper operations, happier staff (especially accountants) and happier customers.
Advanced Product Management
Innovative and precise stock control feature allows for creating inventory items for any product based on the assigned attributes and their values. Each inventory item receives unique SKU (and EAN), stock level, and even its unique picture. With Powerful Commerceyou can specify the minimum number of items to be ordered, and order increments.
Advanced Special Pricing Rules
Advanced management of product prices, promotions, and special offers available in Powerful Commerceby default! First of all, it is possible to set a special sale price per each product, and limit it by the expiration date. Product price can be changed for particular customer group, using the group’s default discount or setting up a unique price manually. Link products to cross- and up-sell to increase average order amount. Mark products as give aways (or freebies) to encourage customers to spend more, and also get rid of stock. Product’s price and cost in bonus points can be set in the back end. Customers earn points when they buy products, and can redeem their “point balance” online by buying products for points, or using their point balance to pay part of the order amount. Use special offers and promotions: save x% on all products in a category; receive x% discount on subscribing to a newsletter or submitting a review; receive x% for your 2nd order; buy A, get B for free (or with a discount); buy A (single product, several products, or any product(s) from a category) and get discount of x% on all products in category B; buy X of product A to receive Y discount on product B.
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  • PHP7
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • 100/100 Google PageSpeed Insights test
  • Multiple front ends
  • SSL friendly


On-site search

  • Search in product name, description, CMS page name and content
  • Auto-suggest feature in the quick search box


Multiple front ends

  • Website and virtual (like Amazon) front ends
  • Assign categories and products to front ends
  • Front end status
  • Name, URL, SSL properties
  • Forced login setting (only for registered)
  • Contact information settings
  • Opening hours
  • Postal cut off times
  • Watermark settings
  • Contact address
  • Theme settings
  • Date and time formatting
  • Assign languages and currencies

Admin panel

  • Multiple Admin users with configurable permissions
  • Dashboard with reports
  • Google map with order data
  • Searchable navigation in menu
  • Toggle menu
  • Short / full menu
  • Multilingual Admin


Backend managers

  • Edit permission groups (roles)
  • Create or edit admin panel (backend) users (managers) and assign their roles
  • Edit individual permissions (roles)

Order management

  • Order list with filters
  • Order Status Types
  • Orders by site Front End
  • Batch invoices, packing slips, export, and delete for orders
  • Order processing


Edit order

  • Change customer details
  • Change payment method
  • Change shipping method
  • Apply discount coupon
  • Apply gift voucher
  • Add, remove, edit products
  • Manually amend prices, tax, shipping costs, discounts, sub-totals and totals

Customer groups

  • Default discount in %
  • Discount applied to Sale prices flag
  • Tax applicable flag
  • Display price flag
  • Disable checkout flag

Order history

  • Shipping and billing address with maps
  • Shipping and payment methods
  • Clickable and editable tracking number
  • Purchase request details
  • Detailed order item view
  • Change status, add comments
  • Printable invoice
  • Printable packing slip
  • Navigate through order list
  • Print Shipping Labels


  • Filtered customer list
  • Order list
  • Send email to the customer
  • Send a discount coupon to the customer
  • Merge customer accounts
  • Manage trade form
  • Total ordered and date of last order
  • Reset password
  • Manage credit balance

Brands and categories

  • Categories linked to front ends
  • Drag and Drop used to manage category parent / child and sort order
  • Brand management
  • Quick search through category tree and brand list
  • Add / edit brand name, image
  • Add / edit brand SEO page properties (URL, title, META tags, old URL)
  • Add / edit category name, description, image
  • Add / edit category SEO page properties (URL, title, META tags, old URL)
  • Support for multiple languages for brands and categories

Product reviews

  • Customers submit new product reviews
  • Administrators can approve, decline, or edit reviews

Product import / export

  • Export product data (CSV)
  • Export categories (CSV)
  • Export product to category links (CSV)
  • Export attributes (CSV)
  • Export inventory items (CSV)
  • Export images (CSV)
  • Export properties and property set up (CSV)
  • Import data (see above)
  • Data type auto detect for import

Product attributes and properties

  • Manage attribute names and values
  • Manage property name and values
  • Organize properties into categories
  • Multiple property types (text, number, number interval, yes/no, file)
  • Single choice / multiple choice properties
  • Attributes and properties in multiple languages
  • Property used at product info pages, product listing, filters, search, and compare


  • Advanced search
  • Copy / move / link product
  • Link product to front ends
  • Preview “live” product information page
  • Purchase and price change statistics
  • Price groups (linked to customer groups)
  • Sale price with expiration date
  • Bonus (loyalty) points - earn and cost
  • Bulk quantity discount prices
  • Name, short, and long description (WYSIWYG)
  • Stock (simple and based on inventory)
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Order quantity step
  • Is a giveaway (freebie)?
  • Is featured product?
  • Shipping surcharge applicable
  • Product model (SKU), EAN, ASIN, ISBN, UPC
  • Multiple attributes and attribute values
  • Image per attribute value
  • Inventory items (attribute value combinations) with SKU, stock, and price (or n/a)
  • Image per inventory item
  • Multiple images, with SEO details per each image (heading, ALT, SEO file name)
  • Multiple images per each language
  • Link images to attribute values and inventory items
  • Watermark management per image
  • Video (YouTube) as extra media per product
  • Size and packaging (product size, inner carton size, outer carton size, packs)
  • SEO details (URL, META tags, title, Google product category, old URL)
  • X-sell and up-sell
  • Product properties
  • Documents (document groups and uploaded files)

Product suppliers

  • Alternative product model
  • Stock
  • Discount from SRP in %
  • Surcharge in %
  • Set desired margin in %

Discount coupons

  • Coupon discount in currency and %
  • Coupon minimum order amount
  • Coupon for free shipping
  • Coupon for recovery of abandoned carts
  • Coupon code - manually set or randomly generated
  • Uses per coupon
  • Uses per customer
  • Coupon valid products
  • Coupon valid categories
  • Coupon start and end date

Sale maker

  • Set special price per product, with expiration date
  • List of all special prices

Give away / Freebies

  • Mark products as give away / freebies

Recover abandoned shopping carts

  • Abandoned cart report with total of potential sales
  • Send email to customers
  • Send coupon to customers
  • Convert abandoned cart into order
  • Create a new order for the selected customer
  • Search by front end, customer, or product

Banner management

  • Banner list, by front end and by banner group
  • Edit banner group, set type: single banner, carousel, or slider
  • Carousel and slider properties: speed and sliding effect
  • Banner properties: banner group, sort order in the group, from and to dates
  • Banner content: URL, image or HTML snippet

Featured products

  • Mark products as featured, with expiration date

On-site SEO

  • Default title, and META tags set for index and product pages
  • Generate XML site map
  • Export to Google shopping (choose which columns to export)
  • Google analytics script on / off
  • Ecommerce tracking script on / off
  • Google Adwords tracking script (and remarketing) on / off
  • Google Certified Shops script on / off

CMS pages

  • CMS page listing (add, edit, delete pages, and link them to various front ends)
  • Same page can look and feel different being linked to different front ends, and being translated into different languages
  • Page title
  • Special title when included into a menu
  • WYSIWYG editor for contents
  • Special site-level links to other pages, products, and categories
  • SEO properties (URL, META tags, old URL)


  • Create and manage various menus
  • Link menus to front ends
  • Edit menu tree (menu / sub-menu)
  • Use drag and drop to move and arrange items
  • Use system links to build menus (categories, system pages, CMS pages
  • Support multiple languages


  • Full control over all system texts (including most buttons), front end and back end
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Search strings by area, key name, key value
  • Edit translations, update multiple identical translations at once

Email and Document templates

  • Edit (HTML and text) system email templates
  • Add multiple system keys when editing templates

Themes / templates

  • Create or edit any number of themes
  • Backup and restore themes
  • Copy themes into new ones
  • Customize Home page, Product page, Product with attributes page, Product bundles page, Product listing page, information (CMS) page, Shopping cart, Checkout success, Contact us page
  • Customize Email template, Invoice, Packing slip, Gift Card
  • Visually edit pages, adding and configuring widgets, using drag and drop functionality to customize pages
  • Choose from page widgets and general widgets
  • Customize and configure any widget
  • Customize theme general visual styles
  • Change theme settings (background, responsive design settings, manage used fonts, upload or delete fav icon)
  • Edit or override CSS and JS

Payment modules

  • Link modules to front ends
  • Configure the same module differently for different front ends

Shipping modules

  • Link modules to front ends
  • Configure the same module differently for different front ends
  • Zone Table rate to add multiple zones, and shipping options, and specify price table for each combination

Order structure management

  • Link modules to front ends
  • Configure the same module differently for different front ends
  • Manage various order total modules
  • Drag and drop to change sort order
  • Inc TAX / ex TAX options for modules for different pages (shopping cart, checkout, email notification, invoice, back end)


  • General / configuration
  • Order statuses
  • Cache control
  • Cron manager
  • Location settings
  • Localization settings (currencies with auto rate update, and languages)
  • Tax settings
  • System tools (DB back up, server info, who is online)