Manufacturers and Distributors Ecommerce

A system based on TrueLoaded Ecommerce - TrueLoaded Private Ecommerce Cloud - could be used to generate more business for manufacturers and distributors of products.


Manufacturers and distributors can stimulate growth of their own customers (retail partners) by providing them with low cost (or even free) Ecommerce websites pre-populated with their products. Such websites could look and feel completely different, each have their own domain name and URL, each managed from its own back end. However they all would be linked together and managed by Powerful Commerce Private Ecommerce Cloud solution.


Sale orders placed on such websites by consumers would come to the central location as purchase orders from retail partners. Manufacturer or distributor could then deliver goods either directly to the consumer (drop shipping) or to the retail partner's designated warehouse. 


It is a win-win-win solution:

  • consumers will always see the most up to date product catalogue and will have their orders processed and dispatched very quickly
  • retail partners will receive low cost (or free) Ecommerce solutions, pre-integrated with the product catalogue and already capable of creating purchase orders
  • manufacturers and distrubutors will grow their turnover, automate processes, and get loyal retail partners