TrueLoaded Installation service

TrueLoaded installation service is offered by one of our trusted Development partners.
Let's make something great together
Installation can be offered for the server of your choice, as soon as the minimum hosting requirements are met.
The latest version of TrueLoaded Ecommerce, TrueLoaded Pro, or TrueLoaded B2B (Pro and B2B subject to license purchase) will be installed.
You will be asked to provide information about your company, office location, preferred payment and shipping methods, and your logo.
You will be asked to confirm the tax rates of your products and asked about exemptions, if any.
You can also provide your terms and conditions, text about your company, privacy and returns policies.
Installation typically takes less than a day, however it will depend on the communication between you and the chosen Development partner, and on their current project pipeline.
The agreement to perform installation is between you and the chosen Development partner. TrueLoaded Ecommerce is a free open source Ecommerce solution. TrueLoaded Pro and TrueLoaded B2B are open source Ecommerce solution where license purchase is required. Minimum server requirements must be met for installation to take place.