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The most powerful enterprise level Ecommerce

Experience the most powerful enterprise level Ecommerce solution. Take full control  of your online  shop. Run multiple businesses off the same platform. Learn more about features of Powerful Commerce Pro


The  Pro version  of Powerful Commerce comes with regular upgrades and  support.  As we constantly  work on adding new  features and implementing  fixes, we release new versions every 2-3 months or so.


You    have peace  of mind with Powerful Commerce Pro. Problems, issues, questions will be processed by our Support team, who will look after you and your Ecommerce website.



Powerful Commerce Pro is a more advanced version of Powerful Commerce, packed with some great Professional Ecommerce features:
  1. Loyalty points
  2. Module visibility
  3. Merge customer accounts
  4. Customer ERP code / ID
  5. Customer groups
  6. Purchase orders
  7. Product easy view
  8. Product suppliers
  9. Quantity discounts
  10. Product stock history 
  11. Image per attribute 
  12. Size and packaging 
  13. Product bundles 
  14. Product documents
  15. Product inventory 
  16. Product groups 
  17. Product min order quantity and step 
  18. Automated Import / Export 
  19. PDF catalogues 
  20. Promotions
  21. TrustPilot Integration
  22. Product collections 
  23. TawkTo chat integration
  24. SEO redirects 
  25. SEO locations
  26. Collection points (delivery)
  27. Watermarks
  28. Multiple frontends